Thursday, June 03, 2010

Never Met A Stranger. . . .

A few weeks ago, we went to cousin K and cousin A's elementary school sport's festival. After a while, Bailey got tired of watching and found a group of junior high school girls to help keep him entertained. (That's him in the grey shirt, standing up)

This Saturday, we will do it all over again, but thei time for Bailey. Bailey is fretting over remembering all the steps for the class dance and practices everywhere- in the bath tub, waiting in line at the supermarket, while cleaning off the table after dinner. What can I say, he's got sparkle!

I, on the other hand, am fretting over the lunch menu. It seems like I always fix the same things- yakisoba noodles, Japanese style fried chicken, little star shaped hash browns, cherry tomatoes, fruit salad and candy cheese. I want to make something different, but am feeling so uninspired in the cooking department lately. What to do, what to do? I wouldn't worry so much if it was just our little family of four, but I am pretty sure MIL and SIL and her kids are coming along as well.

I hope to put together a shopping list today and get the shopping out of the way as well, so I better make up my mind and just go to it. Why can't I just get a big bucket of KFC and be done with it?

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