Friday, May 21, 2010

Tip Jar

A little shuffle around and change of plans has left me with some free time, so I thought I oughta update the old blog.

*Bailey's sports festival is coming up in a few weeks so I have been trying to determine how many people will be coming and getting a rough idea of the menu. I have finally found a really good Japanese style fried chicken recipe that I like (one that takes a little more planning, but tastes oh so good whether fresh out of the fryer or at room temperature), but I can not for the life of me make a rice ball that doesn't fall apart. I have asked several friends and have gotten some good advice- use less filling, make the rice balls with freshly cooked rice, use firm pressure when shaping the rice balls, try using plastic wrap and more- but I still can't make the perfect rice ball. Any ideas, suggestions or tips?

*One of the biggest adjustments for Bailey transitioning to elementary school, is that he has to remember a lot more than before. At preschool, the teachers checked to make sure that he had everything that he needed to bring home, but at elementary school he has to remember it all himself and it is proving to be quite a challenge. For example, he will remember that he has math homework but not to bring the math book home. I am just wondering what I can do to help him remember. I hope that it will be easier for him to remember once he has been in school a little longer,but in the interim any suggestions would be really appreciated.

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Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

I know it's not something that mother's normally condone, but write a note on his hand until he gets the hang of bringing everything home. My oldest used to wet herself if she didn't go to the bathroom at lunchtime before going out to play and I wasn't there to remind her and she wanted to play so much that she just forgot. I wrote a clock with the hands pointing to 12:30 on the inside of her palm to help her remember and eventually she was able to get into the habit herself. I hope it helps!!

PS I always have my husband make the onigiri!!