Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Back To School

A half a day of preschool and Sophie comes home with mud encrusted shoes and a daily temperature log for the month of September. Influenza has struck early this year and in an effort to curb the spread of it, the preschool is asking us to take our kid's temperature each morning before we send them off to school. Great, another thing I have to remember during the morning rush.

Tomorrow is a full day, which means lunches to make as well. Making lunches isn't that bad, though, pretty much arranging last night's dinner, slicing up some fruit and every once in a while adding a couple pieces of cheese. (Just occurred to me that I forgot to buy Anpanman candy cheese- a potential crisis if Bailey actually sees his lunch before he leaves home. Hubs if you are reading this, please pick up some candy cheese tonight after work.)

Why do I have the strange feeling that I am forgetting something else???

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Lulu said...

I think the school should take the kids temperatures themselves if they are worried- we did at the kindy I worked at. When the flu was going around we did each kid after they ate lunch- we had three thermometers and would steralize them each time. I guess with only 10 kids though that is not so difficult but standard Japanese preschools would be a different story I guess!

Love how you said arranging last nights dinner is how you do bentos- that is how I do my husbands bento, if he even gets one. You have put me at ease! Also exactly what the kids will get. Either that or sandwiches. Your yochien doesn`t provide lunches? Is it a private one?

Okay- what could you be forgetting? Inside shoes? water bottles? swimming uniforms (although probably over?) homework- um, can`t think of anything else. Hope you think of it!