Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Am I The Only One. . . .

*that eats chocolate after the kids go to bed, just so I don't have to share?

*that sometimes locks myself in the bathroom just to get a few minutes of peace and quiet?

*that likes Jacob more than Edward in the Twilight series?

*that can't stand to throw a book away, even when the kids have already torn out and lost half of the pages?

*that takes a shower at night before going to bed and another in the morning ?(and not just during Japan's humid summers either)

*that wants it to hurry up, and like, be fall already?

*that feeds their kids things they don't even eat? (natto and sushi, for example)

*that falls asleep while putting the kids asleep? (and most of the time well before the kids themselves fall asleep)

Add on in the comments, if you dare!!


illahee said...

oh man, i totally wait for kids to fall asleep before eating chocolate. thankfully they still take naps during the day!!

how about, vow to clean (for real this time) after the kids go to bed but end up falling asleep with them (your last one...). *sigh* should clean first thing in the morning but after forcing everyone to eat, change diapers, get dressed and stop hitting your brother for goodness' sake! i need a break after hiro goes to school! LOL

or (for me, anyway): walk off that baby weight, that is, walk every morning with the kids in the double stroller. nope, doesn't get done (yeah, if i'm not cleaning up because i need a break...)

isn't motherhood fun?!

Helen said...

I am nearing the end of the Twilight series (and I don't like it) and I think Jacob is soooo much more interesting than Edward.

I eat my sunflower seeds after hubby goes to bed so he doesn't steal them :-) Sometimes with chocolate :->

Don't have kids, so can't add much. Hubby is like a big kid though!

April Marie Claire- Girl Japan said...

I am right there with Helen... don't have kiddies but I do hide some goodies from the hubs.. esp gourmet ice-cream!!!

Kim said...

Nap time is chocolate time!!!

I've been known to lock a bathroom or ofuro door at times.

I ALWAYS fall asleep when I put Jun down. I've told her to be quite because Mama's trying to sleep! Poor Dadd!

I'm up for fall any time! I LOVE FALL!

And I do double showers all summer. Don't in the winter. Too cold!

Hmmm - wonder what I could add?

Mike said...

Yes, you are the only one.

And yes, I'm the only one here lying.


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Gina said...

I like to wait for the kids to get to sleep to have some secret snacks and stuff too. Chocolate sometimes, or cheesecake ice-cream. Shhhh. : )

And yup I am *so* read for Fall.