Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reads Like A List

This is the latest I have been able to stay up since we got back (it is 8:41 now) and I am rewarding myself with Oreos (unfortunately no double stuffed here) and milk.

I will have to say that the jet lag this time has been rather mild and I think we may have made it back to the land of local time. The weather has been really mild- not too hot- and so I have been trying to take the kids out to the park in the morning and for a walk in the afternoon. I got all of the suitcases unpacked yesterday and now I am just waiting on the three packages I sent via airmail to arrive.

The kids start back to school next Tuesday and I would like to get both of them a haircut before then. If Bailey had his way, he would go back tomorrow. He is really excited to tell his teacher and friends about all of the things that he did during summer vacation.

I guess that's it. Just wanted to check in and let everybody know what is going on. Eyes are starting to get heavy. I think it is time to go to bed.

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Lulu said...

Welcome back!!!!

Glad to hear that the jet lag is not been too much of a pain- hopefully you will be right back on schedule soon.