Monday, April 13, 2009

Enterance Ceremony

Can you figure out which is the back of Bailey's head?
Sophie with her new table mates.

Posing while we waited for the car. They are all loaded down with play clothes, a change of clothes, a hat for when they play outside, two pairs of shoes and a smock.


Lulu said...

I think I guessed the right head!

They are adorable- Sophie looks so happy to be in uniform with her big brother.

Vicky said...

Yeay! Congratulations Sophie!
And congratulations Mummy who will get some FREE TIME now. What a thrill after all those years of 24 hours a day duty!

Makes you appreciate them all the more when they come home, too.

(I'm following Lulu around the blogs, commenting just after she does today. Don't feel stalked, Lulu!!)

Gina said...

How sweet is that!!! Way to go kids! How does Sophie like yochien? I bet she likes going with her big brother!!! : )

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun day.

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