Sunday, April 19, 2009

Before And After

Before heading out to catch the pre-school bus on Monday morning.
Right after they got off the bus on Friday afternoon.
Lots of people have asked me how Sophie's first few days of pre-school went and I am happy to report that they went rather well. One day, the teacher asked me to come in and help out and I was so surprised by Sophie. She was bound and determined to do everything by herself no matter how long it took. Seeing her so determined instead of asking mommy or daddy or big brother to do it for her was so cute. She has gained a lot of confidence this past week and her new obsession is buttons. Doing them and undoing them a hundred times a day.
On the other hand, she isn't taking a nap anymore so the evenings are a little rough. Lots of crying and fighting with Bailey, but I hope, in time that she will get used to it. From next week they will stay at pre-school through lunch and Sophie has already put in her order for a rice ball and some cheese. I will sneak in a few extras to round out her lunch.
Wish us luck!

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Gina said...

She seems to be doing so well with yochien!!! : )