Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Going Around

Not much going on, apart from the everyday and getting Sophie ready for preschool, so I think a list (a random, disjointed one at best) is in order.

*My sister in law and her husband are in the planning stages of building their new home and it got me to thinking what kind of place I would want if I had the chance to build our home from the ground up. A huge kitchen with a window (or two!) and lots of storage space for the bread maker, waffle maker, blender and the like would be so nice. A nice, big bathtub and more than one toilet. A walk-in closet. A study/ playroom for the kids. And, basically, just more space than we have now and not having to worry too much about the kids being too noisy for the neighbor's downstairs or on either side.

*Bailey helped me get all of Sophie's supplies (crayons, glue and the like) labeled yesterday. All that is left to do is to do the iron on labels for her clothes and uniform. If only I could find the iron. . . .

*I spent most of today running around getting all of the stuff that we need to get Bailey's passport renewed and to get Sophie's birth registered, get her a social security number and a passport as well. Then back home to fill out all the forms and then to check and double check that I got it all together and filled out properly. Now I just have to have hub's help to translate the documents that are in Japanese and get passport pics taken for Sophie and we should be good to go.


Lily said...

Wishing Sophie lots of fun in preschool- she looks adorable in her uniform. Also wishing you lots of rest- what will you do with all the time now that both are in school? Sorry if you mentioned it in a past post I have been absent for awhile and in big need of blog catch-up :)

Amanda Worthington said...

Check out Heather's babies www.StellaCampbellPlus2.blogspot.com.

Amy said...

I cannot believe how big your baby has gotten! Oh my goodness! Preschool?
When are you coming back to the USA for a visit?