Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Taking It Easy

Day two into the great Chicken Pox Adventure (thus the cream all over Bailey's face and arms) and I am just waiting for Sophie to come down with them too. Better to get it all done with in one foul sweep, I suppose. As a side note, am I the only mom in Japan who didn't get her kids vaccinated against chicken pox?

Since we are stuck in the house anyway, I have been letting Bailey watch endless TV and DVDs- Thomas, Anpanman, Tom and Jerry and the cartoon network. Hubs picked up a pokemon (his current obsession) book for him yesterday and that has kept him busy for a while. We made homemade pizza together yesterday and he helped fold up and put away the laundry today- "just for fun, " he said.

I guess I could take advantage of all our at home time by working on labeling all of Sophie's crayons and whatnot's and making all the bags that she needs for preschool, but I am so not motivated. It seems, I too, would rather lounge on the couch and watch the cartoon network.


Gina said...

Hope Bailey recovers quickly. Enjoy the couch time too. Taking care of the little ones can tucker anyone out. A day to lounge or channel surf is good good good!!! We need it sometimes ya know. : )

My kids had the vaccination. But if it helps, I got them as a kid. I had pink calamine lotion all over me. ha ha ha. And I was itchy itchy itchy. :D

Take care Trisha and family!!! : )

Kim said...

Oh, I hope everyone feels better soon! I got Jun vaccinated for various reasons - including that I have NEVER had chickenpox and don't want them now. (I too got vaccinated as an adult.) However a student of mine got vaccinated, and a year later came down with a pretty standard, if slightly shorter, version, so... Enjoy the TV! We are doing PBS watching on Youtube lately! Jun loves Clifford, the big red dog!

illahee said...

i haven't had my kids vaccinated against chicken pox. do we really need to? i understand kim's reasoning, but yoshi and i have had them as children, so...

i guess i can only hope my kids get them when they're small.

Heidi said...

(I actually wrote a comments yesterday that got lost when I published it. But here goes again :

I did not get my kids vaccinated as the effect of the vaccination is limited (see your other poster). Also, nothing wrong with getting the full-blown version as my kids are not immunity-compromised. But that decision pissed of my MIL (who helped look after my kids on days when I went back to work). I hope your kids don't get too unconfortable!

I too have to start labelling the kindergarten stuff. Kai will be starting next month. I can't believe that I have to do crayon by crayon ...

Take care!