Sunday, March 08, 2009

Day By Day

Bailey is getting better little by little and he no longer asks to use the anti- itch cream which I take a s a good sign. Hopefully, he will be able to go back to preschool next week (the last full week before spring break). In a sign of solidarity, Sophie decided to spend the weekend in her pajamas as well. Sophie shows no signs of chicken pox, but I figure it is still a little early.

I did get a few of Sophie's bags sown and I made a really, really good roast chicken. I didn't roast it quite as long as or at a low of a temperature as the recipe said too, but it was a smaller chicken than the recipe stated and I didn't have five hours to roast it anyway. I made one with onions and one without, but both really good. I think the secret is roasting it breast side down so all of the juices from the dark meat can run down to the white meat and make it tender. The refrigerator is almost completely empty except for the condiments, a little milk, one egg, a package of tortillas and some ham and cheese. We are going to have homemade pizza for lunch and then I have to go to the grocery store. Being at home this week has made me want to stay at home even more, but Bailey has cabin fever especially because he is feeling better.

Next week I have to go get my passport stamped with my new visa. My old one expired on Valentine's Day and the new one has already been approved I just have to take my passport to Shinagawa to get the visa and the re-entry stamp before the end of next week or very bad things will happen or so I am told.

Looks like a trip to the DVD store for more Pokemon videos is in order to hold us through the middle of next week.


Gina said...

Roast chicken yummm! And Sophie, you are such a good sister to wear your pj's as a sign of solidarity! I loved hearing that! So cute!!!

Bailey you look like you are on the mend!!! You look well kiddo. : )

Anonymous said...

Trisha, my fridge looks like that ALL THE TIME! =)