Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting Ready

Today, Sophie and some of the other three year olds that will be starting pre-school in April got the chance to experience a few hours of what it is really like. They played with the kids already in school and got to hear a lecture on the importance of bus safety. We also got to pick up the uniforms that we ordered earlier this year. Here she is in her smock and play pants that she will change into upon arriving at school.
And here she is in the uniform that she will wear to and from school. We bought it a little on the big side since she will have to use it for three years. She was so excited to get a uniform like Bailey's.


Gina said...

So so cute!!! Yay Sophie, you can do it cutie pie! I will be cheering you on, when April rolls around! : )

Lulu said...

Oh wow that uniform is so cute- Love it!

Glad to hear her practice day went well- she sounds well and truly ready for kindy! How is muma going though??