Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bringing In Good Luck

Today was Setsubun and so I bought roasted soybeans and maki-zushi (sushi roll). I bought one maki-zushi for the kids and I to share and one for Hubs to eat later. The one we shared had egg, crab, spinach and salmon in it. Unfortunately, I forgot to check and got the one with wasabi in it. A little spicy, but tasty nonetheless.

Sophie in the oni (demon) mask that Bailey made at preschool.
And Bailey in the same mask with the box of roasted soybeans and the two sushi rolls in front of him.


Gina said...

What 2 cuties and what a cute mask!
Happy Setsubun! Would that be correct to say, I wonder. : ) Have a wonderful night Trisha, hubby and the cutie patooties!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for commenting Trisha = ) I've just learned with Setsubun is today... eek, but the pictures are just darling.

P.S., a few friends joined Daring Bakers, it is a once a month club, perhaps you would like to join so those of us who belong and are in Japan can support one another?

It is a really fun baking group!

Tigermama said...

I love the mask. It looks like a funky robot oni! Happy Setsubun!

Vicky said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I got my pedometer in Bic Camera/Yodobashi Camera, can't remember which but have seen them in both places. You need to go to the health section with the scales and blood pressure monitors etc. They are "Manpokei" in Japanese if that's any help.

Mine is a Citizen, called PEB and it's code is TW600. I like it as it's very small and can be carried in a pocket or in my bra!

GO FOR IT! It is such fun and it is not something that needs any equipment or feels threatening in any way, I find it helps me be more active as if my count is low in the afternoon I'll make a bit more effort in the afternoon. I've lost 9kg since October!