Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Getting Hot In Here

We started off this week in long sleeve shirts and jeans and now, as I type this both kids are dancing around the living room in their underwear. Usually, if I open the sliding glass doors on one end of the apartment and the windows in the bedrooms at the other end of the apartment, we can get a nice cross breeze going. No such luck today.

I am so not in the mood to cook and that is just as well because there are leftovers that need to be eaten in the fridge. Some meat and veggies and a pasta salad leftover from last night and I got some mozzarella cheese today to go with the two tomatoes I got for cheap, cheap, cheap on Sunday. And there is also a half of a pork steak that I had intended to dice up and make fried rice with today for lunch, but didn't. The kids aren't too picky and since Hubs ate dinner out last night, leftovers shouldn't be that bad.

If the weather holds out, we will be going with friends on Sunday to have a BBQ at a nearby park. There will be lots of kids for Bailey and Sophie to play with and I hope that I can get Sophie down for an early nap since the BBQ will run from 1:00 to 4:00 but if she misses one nap it won't kill her I guess. We just have to be sure to get them in bed early that night because Bailey has preschool the following day. I am thinking of it as a kinda belated Fourth of July thing. Should be fun.

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