Monday, June 30, 2008

Everyday People

I feel like I should write something, you know, just to say that we are all doing ok and that life continues as normal. And, for the most part, it does. Bailey goes to preschool everyday. Hubs is busy at work. Sophie spends her days in anticipation of Bailey coming home. She actually squeals with delight when she sees the bus round the corner and runs up to him the minute he gets off the bus and gives him a big hug.

On Bailey's first day back to preschool Sophie actually cried when he got on the bus in the morning. She stomped her feet and wailed, "Brother, no, go. NO GO!!!!!!" That very same day Bailey brought Sophie a pink origami star he had made at school with the help of his teacher and presented it to her with more fanfare and flourish. Every day after that she would rummage through his bag with Bailey changed into play clothes, looking for what he had made that day. A paper airplane, a paper sword, a star and one day even a picture of Sophie that he had drawn.

I have been on a cleaning rampage. Organizing this little corner in the laundry room or that little cabinet in the kitchen until I almost, almost, almost feel efficient and organized. Then I find something else to do. Can't complain, though, being busy is good. Having Sophie here with during the day is good. The weather is not so good (this is the rainy season after all) but Sophie is pretty content to play inside with the odd day at the park or shopping center.

I am going to try to post more often and hopefully get a few pictures up this week as well. That is if I am not organizing.

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