Friday, June 20, 2008

All Things Considered

*The kids made it to an 8:00 bedtime tonight and Bailey might have stayed up longer if I hadn't turned off the DVD he was watching.

*The last of our luggage has been found and will be delivered to us sometime tomorrow morning.

*We took Bailey's preschool supplies (clay, scissors, crayons, etc.) to the school today so that he didn't have to lug it all with him on the bus Monday morning. He was so nervous and shy- so totally un-Bailey-like. He later confessed to me that he wanted to talk to his new teacher but that he couldn't remember some words in Japanese. Poor little guy!! They are going to start swimming on Monday also so I have to get him a new pair of swimming trunks. Also his feet have grown and now he can't get into his indoor shoes or his outdoor shoes. We will have to buy those this weekend too.

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