Thursday, June 19, 2008

Things That Feel Weird At 4:30 In The Morning

*The sun rising and the kids too.

*Making eggs and bacon.

*Doing laundry.

*Washing dishes.

*Trying to find something worth watching on TV.

*Hearing the question, "Is it lunch time yet?"

*Having to answer, "Not for another eight hours or so."

The battle plan for today- play long and play hard and try to make bedtime later than 6:15.


Gina said...

Oh my!!! Sounds like you and the kids have a serious case of jetlag! Ha ha ha! : )

Welcome home Trisha!!! : ) I bet your hubby is sure happy to have you and the kiddos home! : )

Sara said...

Ugg I hear you about the waking up early thing, one of my LEAST favorite parts of traveling!

Hope that you guys have a smooth transition back to daily life here in Japan!

Jet lag doesn't last forever, but it sure takes it time going away! Take care!!