Thursday, July 03, 2008

Proof I Didn't Throw The Babies Out With The Bath Water

It has been a long time Since I posted any pictures of the kids and so here are two that didn't end up too blurry. This is how Sophie likes to watch TV when Bailey is at pre-school. Her little plastic chair on top of the sofa. Gives her a good vantage point, I guess.
Bailey, in his summer uniform, and surrounded by all of the things that he takes with him on a nearly daily basis. The thermos with water in it (sometimes tea if I remember to make it); his swimming bag with swim trunks, towel and swim cap; the smaller drawstring bag with his clothes for playing outdoors and the school bag with his lunch box and milk cup in it. If I had taken this on a Monday morning the haul would have included two pair of shoes (Indoor and outdoor); his hat that he wears when he plays outside and another spare smock. Lots of stuff and I make him carry it all.


Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

Kind of off the subject but...I LOVE your rug! It's so cool.

Isn't the amount of stuff kids need to take to school amazing? I don't remember having nearly that much stuff when I was little.

Sara said...

They are both so cute!!

Is Bailey adjusting back to school ok after being in the states for a while?

Sherry said...

The amount of stuff, and the bags for said stuff, they need for kindergarten here is really ridiculous, isn't it?