Monday, January 21, 2008


When will I be able to breath through my nose again?

When will my kids be able to get a full night's sleep without waking up with a coughing fit every few hours?

When will the salesclerk learn that treating me as if I am invisible isn't the best sales tactic in the world?

When will I get a new cell phone or at least a new battery for my current one?

When will I be fluent in Japanese?

When will the weather forecaster get it right?

When will I find that lost Elmo sock?

When will I remember that coupons are only good if you actually remember to bring them with you?

When. . . . . (feel free to fill in the blank)


Lulu said...

When will I actually learn to save money and become financially independent?

When will I become fluent in Japanese (this seems to be a big one amongst forigners in this country!)

When will it be the weekend again?

Mike said...

When is it time to eat again?


Sara said...

When will I be able to wake up on time?

When will I be able to live in a house/apartment that is not older than I am?

When will I be able to cook gourmet meals effortlessly?

When will I be able to use an oven to cook afore meantioned gourmet meals/baking?