Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just Taking Care Of A Few Things Before Bed

For a while it was wooden blocks, then it was over sized legos and now it is "studying". Every night for the last week or so while I am cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. Bailey puts together his office. It is a pretty cool office too. The Pooh telephone also doubles as a calculator and even triples as a loudspeaker for making announcements to customers. I am not exactly sure what goes on at this establishment, but Sophie usually brings Bailey a bag with six or so picture books and then sits down until her name is called. When Bailey calls out, "Ms. Yonekura" she goes to retrieve the bag, they bow at each other and it happens all over again.

It was also about a week ago that I made Bailey start wearing a scarf while he is waiting for the bus in the mornings. He has become very attached to his scarf and wears it as much as he can indoors and out. He even wanted to wear it to sleep in, but I wasn't too keen on that, so we struck a compromise. Yes, that is a turtleneck under his pajamas. It is after all, cold and flu season and he needs a little something to keep his neck warm while he sleeps. (sigh)

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Earthmommy said...

That is so cute, the budding little business man! I enjoyed reading your blog, thaks for visiting mine.