Monday, January 28, 2008

Maybe It Is A Good Thing I Can't Talk. . . .

Thanks to the cold that never seems to want to end, I haven't been able to talk for the last few days. I feel like some kind of Flipper freak; when I do try to talk it is mostly screeches. It has been really cold here lately and so I have been using the heater all night long. Mainly because the kids don't want to stay under the covers and no matter how many layers of clothes I put on them, they always wake up with ice cold feet and noses. To compensate, I try not to use the heater at all during the day. When we are up and moving around we really don't feel it as much. I knew that our electricity bill would be high but I didn't think it would be $200 high. That is the highest electricity bill we have ever had!! It makes me just wanna. . . . . SCREECH!!! But, i guess there is nothing we can do but pay it and learn from it.

Bailey seems to find my current condition extremely funny. He keeps saying "what, huh, say that again?!?!?" whenever I try to talk. Oh he's a funny one, isn't it? Another favorite of Bailey's recently happens almost everyday at breakfast. He goes around the table and asks everyone, "How old are you today?" All of that culminated in this scene from today as we were shopping for Sophie's birthday present.

M: I think we should get a dollhouse for Sophie.
B: What?
M: A dollhouse. (Gesturing frantically to the dollhouses.)
B: Mommy, look, a dollhouse for Sophie! And this can be Bailey's room!!
I liked the medium sized house they had on display, but I couldn't find one on the shelf, so I called a clerk over to help.
M: Do you have any of these medium sized dollhouses in the back?
C: I'm sorry. I couldn't understand you. Could you repeat that again.
B: You can't understand her because she is old. She's 31!!!

Can't take that kid anywhere, can I?

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Jerri said...

Our power bill is routinely $250, I thought that was normal.
Normal compared to that $600 bill at the daycare...ouch