Friday, January 18, 2008

New And Improved! Now Easier To Swallow!!

Sometimes parent teacher conferences can be a real pain. I think I have been to a total of three this year. The first one I was lectured on how to properly wash shoes and quizzed on what I thought constituted a good lunch. The second one was full of the sandwich technique. You know sandwiching the negative between two slices of positive so that it is easier to swallow. Except the teacher finally ran out of positives and just hit me with the negatives hard and fast. (He hits. He doesn't sit still. He doesn't clean up after himself. He gets mad if I eat lunch with another student.) I came to today's conference ready to endure and apologize, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The teacher only had good things to say. Wow, I am still smiling just thinking about it. She said that Bailey has a really good heart, volunteers for almost anything and helps out with classroom cleaning the most of anyone in the class. She said that he comforts classmates when they cry and even waited with his friend in the sick room for over an hour until his friend's mom could come and take him home. The mom said that Bailey just sat there holding her son's hand and "reading" to him.

The only negative thing she had to say was that some of his bags- the ones for shoes and a change of clothes- are a little too small and he seems to get frustrated easily with it. She suggested that I make or buy bigger bags to cut down on the amount of frustration and time it takes him to get ready in the morning and to go home in the afternoon. Bags, no matter how bad my sewing is, I can handle.

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