Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh Japan, You Amuse Me

Clean. It is a good thing. But, sometimes, I have to wonder if some people take it too far.

Way back in the day, when I worked as a full time teacher, my school hosted a pizza, movie party for the students. Everyone knew that there would be pizza, chips, cookies, you know snack-y type things- FINGER FOODS. One of my students came to the party with his own pair of disposable chopsticks because he hated eating with his hands for fear that he might get them dirty. I sat there for the rest of the night watching him eat chips, cookies and pizza with chopsticks.

But, just maybe, the guy that I saw at the food court today while we waited for Bailey's prescription to be filled took the cake without any utensils at all. He got a burger, fries and drink from McDonalds. He picked up the carton of fries once he got back to the table and instead of using his fingers to eat he put his whole face in the carton and grabbed out about five fries with his teeth. He finished them off like that, never once letting his fingers touch the fries. When there were only a few left in the bottom, he turned it up and poured them down his throat. Really, all that trouble, was it worth it?!?!?

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Mike said...

Eating chips with chopsticks? I should try that.