Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pass It On But Don't Tell Anyone You Got It From Me

Last week, I was sick. Fever, chills, headache, body aches, cough and runny nose. Guess who's sick now? Bailey- since Saturday with pretty much the same symptoms I had. He was so fever-y and grumpy today. All day long his cheeks were bright pink.

Sophie seemed fine for the bigger part of the day and loved rolling Baby around in the stroller that Santa brought her for Christmas. She started getting a little grouchy after dinner but I figured she was just tired, so a quick bath and bed was in order. As I putting on her pjs I noticed her nose was running. It would appear that Bailey has passed it on to Sophie. I put her in her bed gave her Baby and her favorite stuffed dog, said good night and left her to fall asleep. It was quiet for a few minutes, but then she started calling, "mamamamamama" over and over again and crying (which is so not like her) so I went in to check on her. She wouldn't let me hold her, not even pat her back. She just rolled back and forth in her crib and cried. She wouldn't let me do anything to comfort her, so I just let her cry herself to sleep. I don't know which is worse- being sick myself or having sick kids.

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Tigermama said...

definitely worse having sick kids. Especially if they won`t let you comfort them! I hope everyone is better ASAP! Take care.