Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Of Mice and Ducks

At the special, private Disneyland Christmas Show. Don't let that face fool you, Sophie loves Mickey, but just not when he towers over her like a giant and there is loud music playing.
And then, he tried to shake her hand and Sophie was having none of it. Here she is crying on my shoulder, while hanging on for dear life.
The same thing when Donald made the rounds.
And Bailey, well he was just as scared as Sophie.


coarse gold girl said...

I'm totally with Sophie and Bailey on fear of large characters. In fact, as a graduate student in Reno, Nevada friends used to purposely call the Red Robins Mascot over to our table just to see me tremble in fear. It just isn't natural for Mickey, Minnie, Donald, etc. to be so BIG.


Ame said...

These have been fun ... I grew up near Disney World Orlando and remember when they were building DLT ... how fun to see these pics!!! (GOSH!!! Am I that old!!!)

Kristen said...

It's funny how kids like the "idea" of these characters but when they actually come in contact with them, they get scared to death. They are pretty big and intimidating. My kids are the same way with Chuck E. Cheese....but they always have to go there for their b-day. Makes sense to me! ;-)