Saturday, December 08, 2007

Random, But Not Numbered

* If you son starts crying for no apparent reason and that cry is followed by a series of coughs and a strange look crosses his face, then you can be sure vomit is sure to follow. It took me a little while to catch on, but catch on I did and not a moment too soon either. Today, waiting for the train to take us home, I think I knew that he was gonna throw up before HE knew that he was gonna throw up. It gave us enough time to get him away from other passengers and in the general vicinity of a trash can. Of course, this would also be the day that I forgot to bring tissues or napkins or baby wipes or anything that could be used in the rescue/ clean up operation, but several kind, if not slightly terrified fellow passengers threw several packs of pocket tissues at us and one guy even offered his handkerchief. We got Bailey cleaned up as best as we could and settled on the train where he leaned back and said, "Bailey threw up. I am ok now. I am so happy!!"

*For the last few months, I have been saving what I make from teaching English to buy something I have wanted for a long time. We have ordered it and it should be here later this evening. Any guesses as to what it might be?

*Bailey finally wore me down what with the asking about seventy hundred times a day and such. Our apartment is now officially decorated for Christmas. The kids did everything but the lights themselves and it looks like they did a better job than I could have done. The had so much fun doing it too. It was fun just to set back and watch them.

*Now that the apartment is decorated and feeling all Christmas-y, we decided to take the kids to the video store to pick up a couple of Christmas-y DVDs to watch while we wait for the thing that I have wanted for a long time to arrive. We had decided beforehand that they could choose one each. Bailey found something straight away and Sophie wasn't much far behind when I spied Rudolph (the old one that they play every Christmas back home). I tried to talk Bailey into changing his mind and getting Rudolph instead, but he stood firm. I might have to sneak back and get that later this week.


Ame said...

my girls will say their tummy hurts. i can look at their face and know if they're gonna throw up. and when they are gonna throw up, they always say, "i'm not gonna throw up!" then, blat!!!

coarse gold girl said...

I can tell when either of my girls is going to throw up cause they try to get as close to me as possible, while their face drains of color and they start to, well vomit. They hate to vomit in a bowl, the toilet or a trash can. They adore vomiting all over their mother. In fact, DD#2 just had the noro virus this past week, while I was holding the bowl out in front of her she threw up into it and in the midst of it all decided to throw up while looking straight at me. Meaning that she cocked her head up, at me and shot vomit on the front of my shirt like a fire engine hose. sigh.

WHAT DID YOU SAVE UP FOR? I'm clueless and oh so curious!

Oh, and Rudolph--I love that one, and all the other ones like it but my kids are so addicted to cutting edge special effects now. . . they always want one of the Santa Clause dvds. . .I have to basically badger them in to watching anything from the stone ages (what I grew up with.)Except for Snoopy, and Frosty the Snow Man. Those they love. Oh, and the Grinch--the cartoon version.