Wednesday, August 29, 2007

You Lag, You Lose

After a few rocky nights, things have seemed to settled down and returned to normal. Last night, all three of us went to bed around 8:30 and slept until a little after 8:00 the next morning. I think that qualifies as having successfully overcoming jet lag.

Sophie is back in full force, nice and snug in her familiar routine, she is now going to bed and getting up at roughly the same time pre-jet lag, taking a two hour nap after lunch and eating well. Bailey is almost there, but not quite. The main problem is his refusal to nap and when he doesn't nap he is more likely to wake up at night and/or have trouble going to sleep. We spent the day with cousins yesterday and so he skipped his nap in favor of playing trains. As a result, he woke up crying twice. So, today I made sure he napped and I let him sleep until he woke up naturally (about two and a half hours). After that, he was good as gold.

He is spending the night with Grandma tonight, because I have to take Sophie to one of those mass, group check ups tomorrow and they always seem to go on much longer than planned. I hope that she gets him to bed at a reasonable hour (sometimes I think that she forgets he is only three years old) and makes sure that he takes a good nap in the afternoon, so we don't slide back down the getting-over-old-Mr.-Jet-Lag-Ladder again. Lord knows it is one heck of a fight to get back up!


coarse gold girl said...

Bailey's sleep habits (waking up crying if he is overtired) are exactly like my girls'! It is so ironic when other around us tell me, "well, at least they'll sleep soundly tonight!" niavely thinking that being up and wired all day and late into the night will result in their utter exhaustion. It just means that they will wake like clockwork, every 1-2 hours through out the night screaming me awake!

Hope Grandma gets him to bed ON TIME!


chelle said...

egads jet lag from another continent has to be terrible. Hugs!

Sarah said...

Congratulations on getting over jetlag!

I am pretty stricts with naps, too. My girls all took afternoon naps until they were 5 and it made for a much happier household for us.

If he is resisting a nap try a "video nap". My sister-in-law does this sometimes with her kids. She tells them that she is going to put on a video and they have to sit on the couch until it's done. Usually they fall asleep halfway through but even if they don't sleep, just the fact that they are sitting and relaxing helps a lot. Maybe Grandma could do this when she watches him.

I hate those mass check-ups. I always get in trouble for some totally random thing. Good luck!

Mike said...

Always great to read your rocky nights are over.