Saturday, September 01, 2007

Just A Thought.....

If, and as of right now that is a big, bold, capital, italicized IF, we are going to go back to the States at the end of the year, couldn't I just possibly, maybe squeeze by without unpacking. I mean, really, who wants to unpack and then just as soon as you get everything organized, turn around and in another month or three pack it all up again?!?!?

Sure, the stuff in our as of now unpacked suitcases, is all of the summer persuasion, but i see absolutely nothing wrong with layering. Isn't that what they tell you anyway, layer for warmth and if you start to get overheated peel off a layer.

I figure as long as we top off whatever Bailey is wearing with his swim trunks, he will be okay. If he falls down in the snow, just pick him up, brush him off and keep on moving (thus, creating even more body heat, another thing they tell us to do. Moving increases body heat.)

Oh, but there are things in those suitcases that I want out right this very minute. A couple of bags of American chocolate, my Harry Potter and some deodorant. Think it would be alright to just take out all the goodies and leave the clothes in there? Ohhh, then I could stack the suitcases one on top of the other and great a lovely coffee table for the living room. Pure genius, I tell you. And any of you other Mom's coming back to Japan, feel free to use this idea. Who knows, in a few years it could become one of those things they say.


Vicky said...

I DID unpack within about three days of arriving back home. (Smug)

But..... I haven't done a stroke of work since and the house is actually filthy as I type. Yuck.

Tigermama said...

LOL! We got back on Thursday and only one out of four bags has been unpacked. It`s the carry-on! Ha.