Wednesday, June 20, 2007

That Explains A Lot!

"If it was the heat or the noise,
(S)he didn't have too much to say."

(Anybody know what song that is from??)

Today because of a teacher's meeting in the afternoon, pre-school let out before lunch. One of the Mom's at our bus stop said that she had just made some homemade bread and that she needed help eating it.

Enough said. Three hungry pre-schoolers and three hungry mamas later the bread was gone.

The kids went off to play in another room and the mama's were left to enjoy the silence (and a couple bites of delicious cheese cake. There was only one slice so we divided it three ways.)

After a while, even the kids fell silent. That's when we knew something was up. The quiet before the storm, if you will.

The playroom door was shut. One of the other Moms opened the door and we saw all three kids laying on the floor looking up at the ceiling.

"What's wrong?" I asked Bailey.

"Mama, it is too hot to even think about playing," he replied, fanning himself with a picture book.

And, that folks, just about says it all.


coarse gold girl said...

Tag you're it! It's a meme! Cruise on over to my blog when you have some time please :)

coarse gold girl said...

The heat sucks. I loved Tohoku for it's cool spring that lasted till July last year. This year is so much hotter so much earlier! I grew up in California heat: dry heat. Add just one drop of water to the air and I can become quiet dramatic. And I sweat like a frog, if frogs sweated.

Diane J. said...

Here in Arkansas you can wring the humidity out of the air. It's been in the low to mid-90's for a while, and by this weekend we may hit 100*. I was born and raised here but one thing I hate is the heat and humidity. Give me snow and ice anytime over heat and humidity!



AUNT MANDY said...

"Have You Ever Cheated on Me" by the great REBA MCENTIRE!!!! What do I win???

Trisha said...

Let's see. How do you feel about a box of Sophie's old clothes or squid jerky?? Just let me know which you prefer and I will be sure to bring it with me.

tAnYeTTa said...

I loved this part--
"Mama, it is too hot to even think about playing," he replied, fanning himself with a picture book.

toooooo cute!