Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Like A Ninja, It Appears Outta Nowhere Sometimes

I had to turn down the TV to hear it. Just the slightest noise and then a gasp and there was no doubt it was crying. At first, I thought it was Sophie. Just give her a minute, I thought, she will find her handkerchief (her lovey) and settle back down. It continued and so I flicked off the TV and turned on the hallway light so I could find said handkerchief and maybe rub her tummy a few times.

When I opened the door, a little voice, trembling, said, "Mommy, the ninjas are here. Be careful."

And, then, the story tumbled out as he rubbed his nose on the front of my shirt and rubbed my ear (his lovey). Some of the older kids at pre-school were playing ninja today and it scared Bailey. (Funny the way culture smacks you in the face sometimes. They were playing ninja much like I used to play cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians.) He asked me to stay with him, something he hasn't done in a long time.

Sometimes, little things like that remind me that I am raising kids from two different cultures. Two different languages. Two different worlds. I just hope I am doing alright.


Sarah said...

That's really sweet. I have never told my kids that when my siblings and I were little we were afraid of monsters under the bed and in the closet because I don't want to give them any ideas. Then they watched Monsters, Inc. so it probably wouldn't bother them anyways but you never know what is going to stick in a child's mind.

At least you got a snuggle out of it!

Buffy said...

Loved the title of this post.

Poor Bailey. :(

tAnYeTTa said...

tooooooooo cute!

DJ and I are waving hi to you and the kids :)

Vicky said...

Poor little lad - it's at this age that imaginiation is running rife but there isn't the life experience to cope with it. I'm glad you were there quickly to cuddle him better.

I used to be terrified of the Thing Under The Bed, and used to take a flying leap from the doorway of my room to the bed so that the Thing couldn't grab my ankles! I asked my husband once where Japanese kids Things live, seeing as there's no space under a futon, and he said for him, it was in the toilet!