Monday, June 11, 2007

Saturday, You Just About Wore Me Out!!

Sophie, fueling up with an onigiri (a rice ball with tuna in the center and wrapped in seaweed) in preparation for back to back Sport's Festivals ( one at Bailey's pre-school and another at cousin K and A's elementary school).
Waiting for Bailey's class to march out. Check out Gramma's sassy shoes!!

Praying before the Sport's Day began. That is Bailey with the ducky pants and blue shirt with red stripes. (No, he isn't wearing pajamas. These are what the kids wear when they play outside. They pull the pants on over their uniform shorts and change from their smock into a t-shirt.
Can you find Bailey and me? There were four events and Bailey chose two (this dance with me and a piggy back relay with Daddy) to participate in.
Running the piggy back relay with Daddy. There were some really competitive parents in this race. Kids barely hanging on but the parents kept on running. One guy even tripped over his own feet he was going so fast and sent his kid flying through the air. Thank goodness nobody was hurt.
After Bailey's Sports Day was finished, we loaded up the kids and headed for the elementary school. The camera fell out of my bag and I ended up leaving it in the car so I didn't get any pics.


Diane J. said...

Hi, Trisha. :-)

Glad you dropped by my blog and left a comment. I've been seeing someone from Japan on my sitemeter and I wondered who on earth in Japan could possibly be interested in anything a middle aged housewife from Arkansas, USA had to say. ;-)

I'm so glad you and especially your son liked the green beans. I love them prepared that way and actually had them tonight for supper, along with fried yellow squash and cubed beef steak.

I took a look around your blog and it's very interesting, seeing the contrasts between your life in Japan and mine here in the States.

Thanks for visiting me and feel free to drop by and comment anytime. :-)



Lily said...

Who needs Taebo when we've got preschoolers and sports day! Hope you developed some great muscle after such a fun exhausting day :)