Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Brother And His Sister

A trying day to say the least. Too many things went wrong and not enough got done. And, then I heard giggling coming from the laundry room. A peek around the corner revealed Bailey in nothing and Sophie with her onesie stuck on her head and one side of her diaper undone. One more tug by Bailey and Sophie was free from her onesie and managed to wiggle out of her diaper.

"Now," Bailey announced in his big boy, I'm-the-older-brother voice, "You put your dirty clothes in here and your diaper in the trash. Go on, try it."

Sophie obliged and Bailey clapped his hands and said, "You are such a good girl, Sophie. Now I am gonna give us a bath cause Mommy's tired."

Sophie nodded her head in agreement and I watched them walk hand in hand to the shower room.

A trying day with a perfect ending.


Vicky said...

That is lovely. There is nothing nicer than seeing genuine caring coming from one of your children, is there?

ame said...

oh!!! that is absolutely PRICELESS!!! i LOVE it!!!