Monday, May 21, 2007

A Wedding Story- Japan Style

We attended a friend's wedding on Saturday. Hubs took all the pictures that you see here and we both agreed that this was by far the best shot of the day. The just look so happy and with all the flower petals and feathers suspended in mid-air around them it just captures the beauty of the day so well.
The cake (a strawberry shortcake one to be exact) with the bride and groom figurines, two small replicas of their cars (they are both car freaks) and the symbol of the company they work for which is also the place that they first met.

This wedding and reception had a lot of "western" touches to it. What I mean by that is things that you usually don't see here in Japan. For example, after they cute the cake they fed it to each other (with spoons) and they threw the bouquet (which happened right before we all went into the reception rather than at the end). The groom joined in the fun too throwing his boutonniere rather than a garter.
The band that performed at the reception and these people weren't just regular old run of the mill wedding singers, they are pretty famous (at least here in our neck of the woods). They were preforming a "special live" with a real, live, honest to goodness TV crew filming it to be broadcast sometime this week on Chiba TV. The band's name is Echiura and with this song they made a fan out of me!!
The bride reading the letter that she wrote to her father (usually it is written to both parents, but her mother wasn't there not sure if she passed away or if her parent's divorced or what). It was a sweet letter thanking him for all that he had done for her growing up and telling him not to worry about her because she was happy and in love.
They called this the balloon send off. They gave us balloons that were weighted with small balloons filled with sand and on the count of three everybody threw them into the pool. Along with the balloons two guys fell in the pool as well. I think that they had had a little too much to drink.
The receiving line where the bride and groom thanked all the guests after the reception. Each guest received flowers and a small present.
Taken at the after party. Hubs stayed for it, but I headed home to get the kids dinner, bathed and in bed. All in all a great day and a beautiful wedding.


Vicky said...

Lovely wedding!

I wish that 13 years ago we'd been free to choose what we wanted to do here. In the end MIL demanded and got her way in 90% of the wedding. (So we went to England and did it again, how we wanted it!!)

I read your comment about the photo on my page - if you look at my one and only lonely link you'll see it goes to Solveig Boergen's page. She is a GREAT photographer who lives in Niigata but she regularly comes to the Kanto and Kansai areas for photo shoots. If you were to contact her I am sure she'd add you to her list for the next time she comes to your area. Or you could collect a bunch of friends and make a block booking!

Naeva - Mom of 2 said...

Looks like a lovely wedding. Enjoyed all your photos.


"Early Bird" said...

What a lovely wedding!!
They looks so happy together!!

ame said...

beautiful! thank you for sharing.

curious ... is her dress white or blush pink?

ahhhh ... to be that young ... and THIN ... again!!!

Trisha said...

Hi Ame! She actually wore two different dresses. The wedding dress which she wore during the ceremony and the first half of the reception and then the second dress, a blush pink one for the second half of the reception. This is quite common in Japan. During our wedding reception I wore my wedding dress and a black, sparkly evening dress.