Thursday, May 17, 2007


Sophie, a portrait by brother Bailey.
We finally got the calligraphy brush that we had made for Sophie's hair. They said it would take about 6 to 8 weeks, but it actually ended up taking three months. Oh well, we got it and it is fine so really no complaints here. This is the hair from Sophie's first haircut and while we didn't have one made for Bailey, I do have a lock of hair from his first haircut kept in a circle box engraved with his name and birth date.

I also have a piece of Sophie's umbilical cord but since Bailey was born in the States and that option was not available, he missed out on that one too. Just wondering, foreign moms, if your child(ren) were born in Japan did you keep the umbilical cord? How about making the calligraphy brush from the fist hair cut? Any other keepsakes that you have of your children?


Sarah said...

I kept all of my kids belly buttons that fell off a week or so after they were born. I also kept their hospital bracelets and footprints that I received at the hospital.

I didn't know about making their hair into a calligraphy brush. Where did you get that done?

Trisha said...

I got the kids hair cut at one of those hair salons especially for kids where they have little cars that the kids can sit in to have their hair cute and they had a poster hanging there about the calligraphy brushes and i asked about it. They collected the hair and I filled out some forms. They had ones that were crazy expensive, but the one we ended up getting was around 10,000 yen. I am not sure but I think that any salon can do it if you just ask.

chelle said...

What an amazing keepsake!

I have the umbilical cords from both kids and hospital stuff ... It is amazing what we keep!

tAnYeTTa said...

i haven't kept anything :(

i do LOVE the calligraphy pen idea :)