Monday, April 16, 2007

A Pre-School Lesson

So, today was the day. Sophie went off to day care a little early and as soon as Bailey was on the bus, another mother and I headed off to the pre-school.

When we arrived the teacher asked us to help the kids get settled in- doing things like helping them find their shoe box or showing them where their locker was. Then the teacher called role, the students prayed and sang some songs and got ready to go outside to play. But, the weather had other plans so it was back inside to play with clay, read a book or draw. Then there was more singing and dancing and then it was to the car and heading home.

Doesn't sound like much, right? But, good lord, let me tell you. When there are thirty kids (give or take a few) that have no idea what they are doing and just want to have fun and five moms (give or take a few) that have no idea what they are doing and just wanna help out, it was so chaotic. And from tomorrow it will just be the teacher and her assistant going at it alone for a longer period of time and with everybody eating lunch together. I hope that they get paid well- they surely do deserve it!

Anyway, I feel like Bailey is in good hands and he seems to have already made friends. He is so excited to ride the bus and go to school every morning- I hope that that excitement lasts for a long time!


chelle said...

So glad to read that Bailey's new school is better than the last :)

Glad you were able to make the first day too!

Tigermama said...

It sounds like you picked a great place! Those teachers certainly do deserve a lot more money than they actually make. :)