Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What's In The Box???

Today is the first day Bailey had to take his lunch to pre-school. So, while the kids played with their new kitchen toy set (remind me to get another frying pan- they fight over that thing like CRAZY!!) I attempted to make o-bento.

I think it turned out alright and hopefully it will be enough to keep Bailey full until school lets out. I made yakisoba (fried noodles with lots of veggies), mini pot stickers or dumplings, rolled egg, mixed veggies sauteed in butter and a couple of star shaped hash browns. I threw a couple of strawberries on top for color and because I ran out of space.

All of it gets loaded into his lunch box bag along with a fork and spoon and a cup for milk. He also had to take a place mat and a bib with him.

The true judge of o-bento success is how much he really ate. We shall see......

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Vicky said...

That looks lovely - you've obeyed the rules of keeping it bright and having lots of ingredients! It also looks HUGE! My kids only had the one bento box with half rice and half "things" and they were always fine with that. One thing you need to watch is that the teachers will nag the kids to eat it ALL UP so if you give your kids too much you are setting a hard feat for them to master. I figured the kids would be home by about 2pm at the latest and could always have a big snack then. They also eat lunch quite early, about 11:30am in our kindy, so seeing as they were eating breakfast at 8am there was not a lot of time for them to get really hungry.

I made my last bento last Friday and I am SO HAPPY!!!!!!