Sunday, April 22, 2007

Making Lists

I have already started making a list. We haven't even gotten tickets yet. We don't even know when Bailey's summer vacation from pre-school will be, but the list? Oh you better believe that I have a healthy start on that list.

Pray, do tell, what kind of list? Why 'tis a list of things I want to buy when we go back to the States. A list that I will no doubt leave on the dining room table and will have to ask Hubs to read out over the phone. A list fueled by ads in the latest issue of Parenting magazine or a glimpse of something from the Internet. A list that will probably require the purchase of yet another suitcase to accommodate it all. A list that overwhelms and soothes at the same time.

At the top of that list is deodorant/ anti-perspirant, clothes and make up. With a few things thrown in for fun like books, DVDs and CDs. Which brings me to this question- What are you listening to right now that you can't get out of your head? (Thanks to Abe, Where Is My Hair Brush? by Veggies Tales has been stuck in my head for about a week) What CDs do you recommend? New faces or old favorites from any genre. I am game. Bring it on!!


Sarah said...

I make lists too! Long lists that I usually forget to actually take when I finally go shopping!

I recommend Sarah McLachlan's new Christmas CD. I know it's not the right season now but when Christmas comes you will really appreciate it. It's laidback Christmas as opposed to peppy Christmas.

For kids, I also recommend Blue's Big Musical Movie. It's old so you can get it cheap but my younger two could watch it all day long (and sometimes I let them!).

Can I hide in your suitcase and go with you?

Tigermama said...

I Love Veggie Tales! Now I have the theme song running through my head. Lol. I recomend Sinead O`connor`s "Collaborations" cd. It came out in 2005 and is really good. As for old favourites, I will always recomend "The Best of Van Morrison" (1990) and The Barenaked Ladies "Gordon" (1992). Great cd`s!

Gina said...

LOL, Trisha and Sarah about forgetting your lists. I do that too. Why do us women do that, seriously? : )

Trisha, I'll share too. The music I am really liking right now, has got to be the new CD by Beyonce ) I love that song..."irreplaceable". I find myself listening to that cd a lot. I also listen to a lot of stuff by Gwen Stefani (like..."cool" and the song that remixed the song from the "sound of music" called "wind it up"... or maybe some Fergie mixed in as well. That's some new stuff I like a lot. As for old stuff...I always find myself reaching for one of my UB40 Cd's. : )

PS....speaking of songs. Did you like that song from Daniel (oh dear figures I forget his last name). (Pewter), I think was his last name..He sang "Bad Day" from last seasons American Idol? That was literally stuck in my head for flippin' month's, ha ha ha.Oyasumi nasai : )

Trisha said...

Gina, thanks now you have that Bad Day song stuck in my head as well. I like the song that they are using this year Home by Chris Daughtry better and even bought the CD today!