Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Observations From The Food Court

If some people talked to their friends the way that they talk to their children, I don't think that they would have any friends left.

If you let your toddler run around unsupervised and he knocks over a sign, breaking it the person you should really be mad at is yourself.

You can't expect your small child to sit quietly while you enjoy your third cup of coffee and completely ignore her.

Some people will make a fuss over anything- even if it is something as small as the fast food girl forgetting to give you napkins.

Sometimes all it takes to curb a temper tantrum is a little snack and some apple juice.


chelle said...

I so could not agree with you more! It ircks me beyond belief when people do that and set their kids up to fail!

Tammy said...

Wow...I was wondering if it was only me that have observed the severe lack of attention to children or complete rudeness of adults!!
We need to all practice being more angelic...see my today's post...hehe!!

Mike said...

I agree completely.


Kristen said...

Great observations and so very, very true!