Thursday, November 30, 2006

From The Library

If I were really serious about this blogging thing, I would find a way to move the computer into the bathroom (or should I say toilet room because our shower and tub are in a totally different room?) because that is where I have spent the majority of my last few days. Thanks, stomach flu!

Not that our toilet room isn't nice, mind you. It smells good (usually) and let's not forget the reading material because really where else would you put a book on potty training besides the bathroom?

It was during my time in the library that I took a quiz from the magazine Mother & Baby. Who's the boss? they asked and I answered the challenge. Turns out I am a strict mum. Yikes, that stings a little. A strict mom, can it really be? And then , I read the explanation.

I was nodding my head through the first part- talk about the need for clear boundaries and a firm hand and then the phrase barking orders and I almost choked. Dear god, that was me to a "T". The recommended remedy? Praise, distraction, persuasion and a bit of tickling. Sad to say that tickling has been in short supply around here lately and not just due to the stomach flu.

The last line- Lighten up and your enjoyment of each other will increase.- stuck with me throughout the day and so by the time Bailey came home I was ready.

We made dinner together and I kept my mouth shut instead of ordering him out of the kitchen when he spilled something. We simply cleaned it up together. No tears were shed. No hurt feelings. This might just work.

Being a parent means picking your battles. There is a time to stand firm. A time to let go. A time to try another tactic. Trying another tactic seems the best for all of us right now.


chelle said...

I am so all about other tactics. I figure why get into a power struggle with a two year old. Hope you feel better soon!!

Vicky said...

I think it's good to re-evaluate sometimes, and to take stock of what works and what doesn't any more. In our house too lately there has been rather too much shouting and far too little actual conversation rather than orders - our kids are older so it's all "Do your homework" "Get in the bath" etc all evening. We are trying to readjust our ideas to make things more bearable for everyone while still getting clean and studied!

I do hope you'll be feeling better soon - there is nothing more soggy cornflake making than a stomach bug. Take it easy over the next few days till you get your strength back.