Monday, November 27, 2006


When Hubs is gone (in Osaka for a business trip) I do things a little differently. I eat dinner insanely early (around five) with the kids instead of waiting until Hubs gets home. I take a bath at night with the kids instead of a quick shower in the morning. And I fall asleep holding the hand of the cutest three year old on the planet.

Which is exactly what I am going to do now.

Honey, I miss you when you are gone, but I wouldn't trade this time with the kids for anything in the world.


Tammy said...

Darn it Miz bloglines feed is off...Granny Ann tried to explain how to do it for the newer beta blogs but I'm gonna have to find out more because I don't wanna miss a thing about you and your life!!
Gotta love those little cuties!!

APinkRN said...

Awwwww . .. I'm a sharp pencil! :) Your box is going out tmw! :) I can't wait for you to get it! I like the time with myself and the kids too. Different but very special.
Love your new blog look. I need to figure out how to change mine too. Getting rather blagh.
Have a good night! Amy

chelle said...

awww that is so sweet! I totally love snuggling with my toddler, now I want my husband to go on a business trip!