Thursday, November 02, 2006

Got An Itch?

I have seen people do a lot of things in public, that I wouldn't necessarily do. Take for example the man shaving his face while driving down the road. But, yesterday---- yesterday was something entirely different.

He sat down two tables away from me at the food court and opened the drug store bag. Reaching in he pulled out a tube of cream, opened it and punctured the end with the cap.

Must be some kind of hand cream, I thought to myself.

The next thing I knew his socks and shoes were off and his big, old nasty foot was up on the table. The cream was for athlete's foot and he seemed to have a pretty bad case of it. Wiping his hands on his pants after putting his sock and shoe back on, he left without even wiping the table off.


illahee said...

totally gross!!

Sue said...

That is way beyond disgusting. I'm surprised the management didn't say something about health code violations or something!

Tammy said...


Michelle said...


Ame said...

ewwwwww . . . . .