Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Zippety Do Da!!

OH.MY.GOSH!!!!!!!! Could this day get any better?

For the last few days Bailey has been sleeping in until 7 and this gives me some quiet time with Sophie and time to relax before the day begins. It is so nice not to have to wake up running!!

And now, this, this quiet in the middle of the day that can only mean both of the kids are sleeping. That just about never happens. The icing on the cake? I feel awake enough to enjoy it instead of being sleepy and ending up crawling in bed beside Bailey to catch some ZZZZZssss.

But even better, Hubs and I are talking vacation talk! You know- sand, the sound of the waves crashing, kids laughing, parents happy and relaxed. Only a one day trip, but enough to put a spring in my step and a song humming on my lips.

Wonderful feeling, wonderful day!!

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