Monday, August 21, 2006

Bailey's Fortune Cookie

One way Bailey keeps busy while I feed or change Sophie is to make paper airplanes or draw pictures. This morning while drawing Mickey Mouse, he looked up and asked, "Mommy, what color is fun?"

I thought for a minute and then replied, "Red is fun."

"No," he said staring at the crayons covering the coffee table, "Fun is every color- dancing, dancing, dancing!"

May your rainbows always dance and your colors be fun! (I think that qualifies for a fortune cookie!)


1girl2boys said...

Oh, that's cute. Smart little guy.

Overwhelmed! said...

Love this post! What a precious little boy you have!

Tammy said...

what an awesome thought process this kid has!!

Tasra Dawson said...

What a wonderful sentiment! Thanks so much for sharing it! And thanks for stopping by to watch my video!

chelle said...

awww I love that the colour of fun is dancing .... that rocks!

Pamela said...

I love it! Either a fortune cookie or
or a Hallmark card. lol