Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Potty Mouth

Potty Practice

I have read lots of books, visited lots of web sites, gotten lots of good advice and although we have just begun our trip into the mysterious world of Potty, I can tell you one thing- a sense of humor goes a long way in dealing with the ups and downs. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the things uttered on POTTY TRAINING DAY ONE.

*Stop playing with it so it can do it's job!
*Don't put the potty on your sister's head.
*Now why would you want to put your foot in it?
*Get that cheese off your butt.
*Toilet paper is for cleaning up not for decorating.
*Look! Mr. Balloon cn use the potty.
*Mommy take picture of Bailey's pee pee.
*It's not time (after bugging him for about the hundredth time asking if he had to go)
*I pee in bathtub! I pee in bathtub!

Wonder what will happen tomorrow?


Ame said...

Funny!!! I have always dreaded potty training ;) So, I didn't! I let my girls potty train themselves. It took longer, but they did it. They each needed bits of encouragement to get over hurdles along the way - like my oldest needed to be bribed with chocolate to finally go poo poo in the potty ;)

My friend with four kids said with her forth, "I'm okay if he gets married in training pants!!!" hehehehehe

If you end up needing it, peer pressure can work in positive ways, too ;)

And yes, a sense of humor goes a loooong way in most phases of life, especially potty training!!!

Tammy said...

Fun...Fun Times!!!

1girl2boys said...

I am so not looking forward to potty training. My boys don't even show any interest yet. Let me know if you find any tricks.

Overwhelmed! said...

How old is your son? We've thought about trying to introduce our son to potty training but he just turned 20 months and I'm wondering if that's too young?

Overwhelmed! said...

Trisha, thanks for your comment on my Older Parent (revealing my age) post!

I agree with your FIL, there is no perfect time and we really aren't in control of the timing of it all. :)

Thanks for letting me know how old Bailey is. It gives me a better idea on when it might be realistic to start potty training Snuggle Bug. :)