Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Happines, It Is A Good Thing

Skip on over to Melody's Sofa, read her Good & Happy Things post and then come back here for my answers.

1. What was the best thing that happened in your life this week? 2. What did you learn this week that you couldn’t have learned otherwise? 3. Who touched your heart unexpectedly? 4. Who went out of their way to make you smile this week? 5. What did YOU do to make a difference in someone else’s life? 6. What did you find out you were good at this week? 7. What goal did you make this week? 8. List 5 people who adore you…. 9. List something you are looking forward to…. 10. What’s the yummiest thing you had to eat in the last 24 hours?
  1. My kids are happy, Hubs is smiling more and all because of vacation talk!!!
  2. The knee jerk response isn't always the best response. Hubs has been working like crazy lately and it would have been so easy to get angry about it, but I decided not to and everybody became happier for it.
  3. That cute little elderly couple walking down the street holding hands and kissing while they waited for the walk signal.
  4. That one would have to go to Bailey. He keeps coming around trying to make me laugh, trying to make me lighten up and it usually works.
  5. Top Secret, but I am planning a little surprise for somebody out there.
  6. Bathing two kids at once- it ain't easy let me tell you!
  7. To not depend on other people for happiness. Defining my own happiness so I can feel better about myself.
  8. Five adoring fans, hmmmmm, let me think..... Hubs, Bailey, Sophie, Mom (when I am not being 'onery) and the Pizza Hut delivery guy (we are one of their best customers)
  9. Our trip to the beach this weekend
  10. A glass of chocolate milk shared with Bailey

I found this blog from Tasra's suggestions at Lessons From The Scrapbook Page. Stop on by to view her other suggestions. If you answer the ten questions in your blog, leave a comment and I will stop by to check it out.


Tammy said...

I loved the Pizza Hut delivery guy as one of your adoring fans!!!

Pamela said...

Trisha, Your comment on my blog about the lizards was so funny! I was just bursting with laughter, and now this with the Pizza Hut delivery guy, OMG, Hilarious. Thanks so much!

Tasra Dawson said...

So glad that you checked Melody's blog out and were able to take something away! Love it!