Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunny Side Up

The last few days have me questioning the new medicine that Bailey was started on about two weeks ago.  There has been an increase in defiant behavior that leaves me feeling overwhelmed.  I have heard the advice just buckle down harder, set stricter limits but that often backfires and erupts into something neither one of us can get a handle on.  This is the Bailey that people see the most of, unfortunately.

They don't see the Bailey that brings Sophie a blanket to cuddle up with on the sofa when she isn't feeling good.  The don't see the Bailey that helps set the table.  The Bailey that sings even when he doesn't know the words and dances just to make me laugh.  The Bailey that holds elevator doors open and waits to be the last one off.  The Bailey that baby talks to babies.  The Bailey that creates masterpieces out of milk cartons and bottle caps.  The Bailey that wants to know everything about everything.

Sometimes, I don't see those good things either.  When  it all seems like too much and it is hard to find the positive.  Those are the times I really should look harder for the sunshine hiding behind the clouds.  Without clouds there would be no sunshine.


Gina said...

So true, so true to your last sentence. xxx.

Thinking about you Bailey. And you too Trisha. I just want the best for you guys. : )

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about the episodes. I hope that you can figure out the best path,so things get easier for you all.