Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I got the test results back.  Turns out, I have endometriosis.  Because the it had grown into some of the muscles of my back, there is a high probability that all of it wasn't removed and that it could grow back.  I was referred to a gyno who gave me one of two options, a shot that would basically put me in early menopause or to be on the pill until I reach menopause.  I choose the pill.  There were a lot of possible side effects from the shot- weakened bones, hot flashes, etc- that to be honest, kinda freaked me out.  I have been on the pill before and know how my body reacts to it, so I felt more comfortable with that option.

I will have to have periodic check ups and blood tests (there is something in the blood- a marker?  a chemical?-  that increases with the growth of endometriosis), but hopefully I should have less pain.

Thanks everybody for your prayers and concern.  It is really appreciated.


Gina said...

Okay, just went and googled what that was. : )

I think the pill would have been the option I would have chosen also. Just the whole being thrown into early menopause thing alone would have freaked me out. Plus like the you said the possible side effects also.

Hoping for perfect health for you from here on out. : )

Anonymous said...

So glad it wasn't cancer! Hope that you're feeling better soon. Nancy