Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sport's Day Second Grade

Man in motion!

I love this one cause it is so typically Bailey- hat askew and always one beat behind the rest of his class.

They had a race for the kids that will be entering elementary school next April and Sophie participated and got origami paper for her effort.

Long awaited lunch!

The final race that the second graders participated in- the tiredness was starting to show, but Bailey gave it his best (In the yellow hat).

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Gina said...

Bailey's undokai looks like fun! And I always think he's such a cutie.

Nothing wrong with him beating to his own drum. I like kids like that, very much. I like that he wore his hat a bit different then the others.

And Miss Sophie! You and Noah will be both entering the first grade next year?!!! Wow! You must be doing your year of "lasts" too Trisha. : )