Thursday, June 16, 2011

Signs Of Summer

Most of the day yesterday Bailey spent like this - inside looking out at. . . .

his newly caught grasshoppers. Mean Mommy wouldn't let him leave them in the house!

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Gina said...

Ha ha ha, I don't let Branden and Noah bring in their bug boxes either. ; ) The bug boxes have to stay outside.

Sometimes it's a mantis..a frog...whatever it is, it has to stay outside. It would just give me the creeps too much with it inside the house.

That said...a few years ago, Noboru "talked me into" allowing the boys beetles to sleep in the genkan. I allowed it one night. But felt so creepd out by it, when I walked into the kitchen that I had them take the bug box out the next day. Never again. : ) They just have to stay outside. : )

And ne~ you can definitely almost feel that Summer in the air, right? It's like Summers on the way. I can most definitely feel it too. : ) Yay! Anyway...TGIF Trisha.