Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Scheduled blackouts to conserve power, empty store shelves, trains running much less often, half days at school because they can't what they need to make lunch for the kids, embassies warning their citizens to leave Japan, radiation fears and aftershock after aftershock. This has become our life. But, still we are the lucky ones.

Hubs is working from home this week. Sophie's preschool let out early for spring break. Bailey is only going to school in the mornings. We are safe. We have food and water. We have a home and a car with enough gas to run.

Just taking it minute by minute and day by day. Thank you all for your concern, but please remember, those more affected by the earthquakes and the resulting tsunamis.


Aunt Mary said...

Hi, Just a line to let you know we are thinking and praying for you all. Also the whole country. I have been hearing through your Mom how things are. Give the kids a kiss for Aunt Mary Ma LOU.And I am looking forward to them coming to see us. We love you all so much. God Bless you all and keep you in his care. Love Mary Lou

Gina said...

I'm thinking about you. And thanks for the email, it helped : ) It was extremely hard for me to leave Noboru and even now..I feel this whole in my heart about it. : (