Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Elementary, My Dear Bailey

Apparently, I am meant to tell this story in reverse. (Seriously, when am I ever going to get it together enough to realize the order of the pictures is just as important as the story itself?) So, right, Bailey and Sophie sharing (fighting over?) an umbrella on the walk home.
Bailey all slouched in his chair waiting for the rest of his classmates to file in. On his desk were his textbooks and a few notebooks (one for Japanese and one for Math) that the school gave everyone and tons of papers for the parents- some to fill out and return and some to just read and keep.

Bailey posing in his borrowed suit in front of the gate of the school. His older cousin wore it when he started elementary school (he is in sixth grade now) and I am pretty sure that his younger cousin will wear it when he starts school next year.

Heading to the school. The walkway was lined with cherry trees in full bloom. It was really beautiful!

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Kim said...

What a beautiful day and family!